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Bob Green Innes,

.... as your new ......

Trustee, Ward 4, Public System.  

.... for a return to sustainable, traditional, family based values and education.....

You are forgiven if you're thinking "So what's with this Green thing?"

It really is part of my name. It only took a whole bunch of my life to figure out that most of what I spend my time on is and has been dedicated to being green. Well, sort of. We have to admit that the only real green folks on the planet are the ones still living a tribal lifestyle. Anybody in the developed world is only trying to be green. Greening? Which do you like better Green or Greening?

First, I took up a career in waste management starting with my final year (group) project in Mechanical Engineering. This continued for many years until I realized that the whole issue of recycling had developed under a central philosophical disconnect - that Keynsian excess of borrowed money plus a surplus of planet plundering oil had enabled western economies to push a significant part of the population onto a demeaning welfare system from their time honoured occupations in all the origanal recycling systems occupations they had in collecting (remember the rag, bone and bottle man) recycling (scrap yards), repairing, reselling and reusing. Some continues of course but the heavy hand of regulation restricts its reemergence so the main system today is a sort of expensive bandaid managed by the public sector. My goal now is to understand how this situation will return to being a sustainable system as it once was, along with the release of welfare refugees from our well intentioned clutches into their long forgotten habits. I now anticipate this will happen of its own accord as we enter the decline and crisis phase we seem to be reaching.

Along the way, I decided that renovation of my various homes was a way to achieve what others do by taking on the standard big mortgage. I learned many practical lessons and of course renovation is a form of recycling with its achievement measuerd in tonnes instead of ounces as is the case of the weekly output of our blue box. This option is eschewed by the young set which seems to believe that their first home should be a 3000 square foot brand spanking new mansion in sprawl-making suburbia. This stupidity is sustained by ultra low interest rates but about to come crashing down over the next few decades.

These renovation projects have given me a platform to pick up a solar thread from my early interest in this free energy in the 70s during the oil embargo. I can now boast of having half a dozen systems to capture the sun's output in one way or another. Along the way, I have learned to be wary of and have become allergic to the claims of the green industry and the politicians who promote it. There is a philosophical side to things solar and green that has a dark underbelly of greed and opportunism that works against the public interest, that is, your interest. So while I practice green, I challenge green politics to show its true colour which is green only as in greenback - self interest in the form of contracts, photo ops, good pr, and the movement of money which always affords opportunity to skim from the hapless taxpayer. Once again, the whole thing rests on a base of Keynsian borrowed money the public can ill afford to repay as the boomer led silliness collapses.

My green projects include the following

These are not expensive projects inaccessible to the common man. They are cost effective with short to nil repayment times. They are humble projects that politicians would not find appealing for photo ops. They do not depend on having you subsidize me. They are not perfect, with inconvenience being the main problem, which I have yet to resolve. My family complains about these imperfections and inconveniences but I am blessed with a family that has gone along with me on this through thick and thin such as the last while when the sun disappeared for long stretches.

So voters, beware the green adgenda. Many politicians and candidates speak in glowintg terms of how a green economy is going to save us. Well, for starters, we are way too late. Germany, Spain, China all have huge systems in place. But these are all based on subsidies and forms of energy that are way more expensive than traditional, despite the rising cost of fuel. It has also been found that green jobs destroy normal jobs because the subsidy diverts money from ordinary people and the jobs they support. Its all about them. What the promoters and syncophants also don't tell you is that because the energy one hopes to collect is naturally spread out (distributed) and is rarely constant, it takes years, even decades to just recover the energy that was used to make the system. All those square meters have to be covered with something, steel, glass, or whatever. It takes an hour of sun to recover the energy released by burning a single piece of paper the size of the collector. There are only 40 hours or so of sunshine in December. Therein lies the rub. It can be done, but modesty of expectation is the key. They don't want you to know that.

The climate change debacle was a clear example of how the green adgenda trumps the interest of ordinary Canadians who it seems, were ready to swallow everything we were told. Well, OK, the pressure was intense leading up to Copenhagen. But it seems nobody actually read the Treaty so many were pressuring Harper to sign. I did and realized that the green lobby was willing to throw away our basic protection from government - the right not to be taxed except by our consent through Parliament. Did you know that? Of course not. Our media has become our enemy, not our protection. Centuries of safeguard almost lost. The kind of mentality that succumbs to this kind of nonsense permeates our school system and is the very antithises of what education should be about. Help me push back.