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Bob Green Innes,

.... as your new ......

Trustee, Ward 4, Public System.  

.... for a return to sustainable, traditional, family based values and education.....

              I am concerned that the way our education system has evolved spells trouble for the future. A stunned populace silently gave consent (Plato) for re-engineering our schools away from education toward indoctrination of politically correct values contrary to our traditions, away from basic teaching and toward every latest trend and political whim dreamed up by bureaucrats at Queen's Park. The interests of taxpayers and students were ignored in favour of radical interest groups, unions, elites, corporations and highly paid administrators. Change for changes' sake, or more accurately for the sake of the change-making bureaucracy.

Change, often political-correct-du-jour change is now the norm, forcing teachers to constantly focus on ever changing objectives instead of on students' needs. Lawmakers, goaded by militant groups, create nightmares such as Reg 157 mandating "inclusion" of the abnormal into what their kids are exposed to - even at young ages. Teachers, instead of running what's left of extracurricular activities, now have to spend time on equity paperwork and ensure they include examples of non normal behaviour as the new normal, regardless of their feelings on this sensitive subject** - so as to empower a tiny minority to become ever more assertive about what was supposed to be their private sexual condition. Normative roles no longer guide our youth to make healthy choices. Equity trumps health. Society pays. Parents are kept in the dark about any unusual condition of their own child. People do not really know what teachers are teaching. Political theories such as multiculturalism or equity trump 10,000 years of recorded history, the demographic unsustainability of which which cannot therefore be taught as fact. Canadians are becoming ashamed of Canadian traditions and history. I am not ashamed. I am what I am because Canada was what it was. I am totally against this manipulation of Canadian culture and values through indoctrination of young children.

We are not the first society to have deluded itself with such nonsense, but it is unfortunate that schools have become the sharp point instead of serving the basic function taxpayers paid for. Its time to rediscover the basics of education and renew our committment to preparing students for a life of constant competition and learning. Getting education back to its proper task probably involves significant change - which Ontario's politicians and unions are resisting - such as the extensive experimenting with vouchers, choice, charter schools and the like being tried elsewhere.

One size does not fit all. Its time for fewer edicts from Queen's Park and more innovation by principals at local schools responding to the stick of parental concerns and competitive pressures from our trading partners who are now out engineering, out discovering and out producing us. If we don't get serious quickly, our kids will end up working for foreign owners in mundane service and resource extraction industries.

Schools don't exist in a vacuum. Canadians are being complacent, even smug, based on low interest rates and our success in the banking and resource sectors. I believe however, that secular budget and competitive pressures will worsen and that we must get our financial and tax house in order very quickly (we are ignoring the lesson of the US). Nothing will be spared. Increasing real energy costs combined with manufacturing and financial sector losses will cause urban contraction (instead of sprawl) and cause household size to increase (ie kids moving back home or sharing spaces). Present school closure plans should therefore be put on hold until the real future can be understood in that light. However to relieve the pressure on taxes, we must find alternate (paying) uses now for empty space, for a decade or two. Seniors, low income residential and student entrepreneurs come to mind.

** CBC discussed, I think yesterday, the 28th, the feelings of teachers. The brief portion I caught suggested that many teachers were trying their best to ignore the whole thing by referring to the regulation number and suggesting students to get guidance from the guidance department. I'll try to download the podcast. It is analagous to doctors having to perform abortions against their will or their ethical training (Hippocratic Oath, which has since been manipulated for the purpose - by the abortion industry?).

In a relativist society, nothing is solid. Anchors lost. We are adrift

Bob Green Innes, P. Eng.

Comments, Requests.

Updated Oct 2010