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Bob Green Innes,

.... as your new ......

Trustee, Ward 4, Public System.  

.... for a return to sustainable, traditional, family based values and education.....


It is likely that if elected, I will be a minority on the board based on hearing speeches from all the other candidates at the Home School candidate night. Here is how I look at this situation from a voter perspective and also to give you some idea of how I would handle this as trustee.

Voting strategies

Hamilton voters are about to repeat the same error they have made for decades - they get brainwashed by the Spectator into believing that only the frontrunners are worthy of consideration. Then they vote strategically to prevent the outcome they don't want. Thus, they 1) don't take other candidates seriously and 2) they do not vote their conscience. How are politicians supposed to know what the people want if people do not vote for what they believe in? Essentially, short-term thinking wins over long-term. This has always been the bane of democracy (and Western business practice.) The consequence is that problems must become really bad before they can be fixed. This is stupid - WW2 is the ultimate example. I call upon voters to vote their conscience ahead of any other consideration.

Even the consideration of talent or expertize is irrelevant simply because there is a high priced bureaucracy that actually runs things. You only want two things from your politician - honesty and to represent what YOU think (not what the newspaper tells you to think - I mostly avoid all media in order to give my own brain the space to know my own thinking.)

Strategies of Minority politics

As I mentioned above, I expect that most trustees are of the liberal minded, politically correct persuasion and thus I would have to practice minority politics. I'm generally not a fan of the NDP (party of big unions), but I expect I will have to become a student of theirs in order to understand how to make best use of my energy and voting. I suspect that voting my principles as I've outlined will be easy but fruitless since a single vote will be easily outvoted. My benefit for the cause will be mainly to allow like minded folks and groups to have at least one door open to them. The other approach is to "take to the streets". Someone told me recently that Vic Copps, Hamilton's most beloved mayor once chained himself to the doors of Queen's Park. I don't know if this is true but it sounds like the only way for a minority position to be heard. It is unfortunate this does not happen more often. It is also a reason to chide Ontario Voters for rejecting MMP when they/you had the chance. MMP (mixed member proportional??) was a way to give minority groups some voice in the system. I thought it was a good idea - though I also thought Trudeau was a good idea at one time - lol!

Most politicians are afraid of controversy and confrontation. They pride themselves in being able to get stuff done by being nice, smoozing, compromising, negotiating and getting into the back room. I believe that not only is that what makes the public hate politicians so much, but it also only works for incremental change. Hey, that is what got us here - incrementalism for 44 years! While I have to admire the idea and the capability, one, I don't have long enough to live for that and two, I'm tempermentally more suited to being open about the discussion. I believe in transparency and openness. Even though Gorbachov eventually lost his battle, there were permenant benefits that accrued from his approach and we need such an interlude now. The public needs to hear about many tough subjects so it can educate itself what we are really doing to ourselves. So I will be taking the approach that for better or worse, you must have a representative that that gets a bit in the face of all the politically correct /status quo types. Besides, as you might guess from the sketch of my likeness**, I don't mind being a bit of a curmudgeon. The system needs that right now! I believe that I have a unique cabability is to make the system see unique new possibilities and also the future ramifications of our actions.

** sketch done by Tom Beechinor

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Updated Oct 2010