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Bob Green Innes,

candidate with vision

Trustee, Public System, Ward 4.  


News Flash

Eletion cycle done. My flyers done, my feet and knees done. It's all over but the cryin'. Spec posited a 4 way race favours the incumbent. That was the extent of informed debate on education issues in the Spectator. Gotta be the worst rag this side of the iron curtain. No wonder Hamilton.......

My most memorable thought about this experience - MAILBOXES!

I now appreciate what the mailpersons face every day. Stairs, obstacles, stairs, long driveways, more stairs, hidden mail slots, more and more stairs, piles of junk. More stairs.

My knees started complaining about half way through. Enough I decided. Gotta carry on but I don't gotta find hidden slots, trek long detours or climb all them stairs. If I could see a convenient slot or box, my flyer went to the proper place. Otherwise I just did the best I could. I began to appreciate that even just a little consideration in box location or stair design made a lot of difference, such as putting the mailbox so it could be reached from both the ground (by me) or from the deck (by the resident). Or making stairs compatible with a fast walking pace (much higher run to rise ratio), or putting a little hill in the path. A lot of folks put obstacles to prevent cutting across lawns. Grrrr.....

Wanna complain? Well, I have a complaint of my own. In fact, there ought to be a law as to the placement of mailboxes!! I'm not normally a proponent of regulation but I guestimated that the time penalty imposed on delivery people is at least 1/3, more likely 1/2 (50%) compared with a straight line drop. How much do taxpayers pay the mailman for that extra effort? How much higher is the price of stamps than need be?

Further, do not many Canadians have to drive to a central box station, usually located a few blocks away? How is it that city dwellers are getting preferential treatment? How is it that no bright political or bureaucratic sparks have thought of that one? Or, perhaps they rememeber the mail wars when those mail stations were introduced. Downtowners sniffed about how spread out suburbia is but then they/we are just as bad with our selfishness. Taxayers can pay, no?

So what do you think? Are residents being too selfish? Obviously the mail people are happy to get the extra employment for their extra services. Should the taxpayer (or the economy) support this little extra, especially when its only for some? What about the concept of efficiency, about the competion we are having with China? A lot of candidates like to say how efficient they would make the gummerment if they got in!

Looking at this from my perspective of thinking that public sector wages must be rebalanced with the taxpayer, there is more incentive now to do battle with homeowners than if wages are reduced first. Which battle will happen first?

What do you think?

Comments, Requests.

Updated Oct 2010