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Robert Green Innes, Professional Engineer, Province of Ontario.  

Events of the past few years have slowly revealed serious flaws and weaknesses that threaten to undermine our way of life, the stability of Canada and outlook for the future. Specifically, the climate change negotiations at Copenhagen could have resulted in a treaty that would actually undermine our rights and undo our democratic protections. The following letter I hope will be self-explanatory but write if you want more info, or follow the links at the end.

Open letter to Rt Honourable Stephen Harper and all Canadians

Nobody seems to realize it but having read a draft of the Copenhagen Treaty I discovered it contains a poison pill that will insidiously destroy Canada's constitution. You may find this hard to believe but Clause 38 clearly stipulates that instead of our taxes being set by Parliament, a new UN body called the Council of Participants, aptly abbreviated COP, will actually rule/overrule our government - with no escape clause. The COP, not parliament, will set taxes on carbon, set reduction levels of CO2 and set payments to third world countries, who will form the majority of the COP.

What was the American War of Independence fought for? "No taxation without representation". But with a stroke of a pen, this foundational principle of democracy could be erased.

To whom will the people appeal if those taxes are raised endlessly, probable since the carbon fix is unlikely to work? Will they rise so high that citizens are reduced to serfdom? Throwing out an MP will do no good. We will NOT be voting for the UN, and even doing so would do no good with all those third world countries grasping for money and perhaps revenge.

Protesting will also do no good since the protection of habeas corpus has already been taken away. FEMA camps await us.

Our brave fathers in WW2 fought so Canada would not become a Vassal state in Hitler's empire. Paying tribute is not the mark of a free nation. What we are facing is a coup, a trap set by globalist thinkers at the UN and elsewhere.

Even if one believes EVERYthing about Global Warming (not I) this is not the time or the reason to risk the fundamentals of our democracy by falling for a trick (whatever other diplomatic responses may exist). Our children will wonder, how was this TREASON done, with NO discussion in the media or parliament.

This treaty must not be signed, at least as is.
Or there will be unpleasant stirrings -
If we drop the torch
That We the living took up in trust
From those who lie
In Flanders Fields.

Robert Innes, P. Eng.
Fed Up Canadian
Former candidate, Hamilton East Stoney Creek, FCP
cc various MPs and newspapers

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